Neil ChristmasI began painting late in 2009 having had the idea for my own style of painting and presentation during a moment of inspiration that came totally out of the blue. I subsequently decided to name this style ‘Art Between The Sheets’.

Having made a life-changing move to St. Just-in-Penwith in the Far West of Cornwall in 2004 it was time to make another major change and follow the urge to explore my frustrated creative side.

I paint mainly in a contemporary abstract style with heavy acrylics sandwiched between acrylic sheet using pallet knives and random implements to apply the paint. As a child of the 60′s and 70′s I take influence from the psychedelic shapes and colours amongst which I grew up but also as a lover of the Cornish countryside it is impossible not to be affected by the wonderful colours and contours of the surrounding moors and coastline.

Neil Christmas


*****  10% of the value of all paintings sold through this website will be donated to St. Julia’s Hospice, Hayle, Cornwall in recognition and thanks for the excellent care that they provide.