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  1. Keith says:

    Hi Neil

    just to say hello… it was good to speak to Anne i’ll try to call later this week
    Great to see your site and paintings !


  2. Sheryl Jackson says:

    Hi Neil

    Although we haven’tmet i feel as though i know you well.

    I really love you work its so original would love to see more, one of my absolute favourites is Night Flight !!!

    How much do you charge for a particular commission? ie: colours of choice?

  3. Paul Hammer says:

    My favourites are Rock Pool, and Lost in Nature. We have an artist in the family (Jon Hammer), so we do have an interest in modern art.

    I love the colours, and the paintings (unlike so may modern paintings) are arresting, and do have a bit of a “wow” factor.

    Very refreshing to see this kind of art coming out of Cornwall.

    Paul Hammer

    • neil says:

      Hello Paul and Avril,
      Thank you so much for taking the time and interest to look at my site. I am so glad that you liked what you saw. We had a great day at the opening of the gallery on Saturday, as it coincided with Lafrowda day we were packed to the rafters for a lot of the day and made some good sales. It as lovely to see you both and hope that you can get back down here again soon,
      Best wishes,
      Neil and Ann.

  4. Fliss says:

    Surf and Rockpool definitely have something going on. Refreshingly new and fascinating, like looking into the flames of a fire, you see what you want to see in the colour and shapes playing before you. Excellent stuff.

  5. Michael Young says:

    Great use of colours very happening and trendy

  6. paul Hammer says:

    As proud owners of one of your earlier works, would like to say how much we like your new stuff – it’s really good, Neil.

    We will keep watching out and following your work – and maybe buy one more picture one day – although you’ll soon be outside our price range! Keep going – you’ve got a rare eye, imagination and talent.

    Paul Hammer

    • neil says:

      Thank you Paul. Sorry that I missed you when you visited St Just recently but thank you for continuing to support the West Cornwall economy in the gallery. Love to Avril, Neil.